How to Wear Dark Lipstick – 7 Expert Tips

For evenings out, dark lipstick is incredibly sexy. And let’s be honest…it seems to exude an aura of naughtiness to it. You know, the good kind. But most women really don’t know how to wear dark lipstick. You see them and you shake your head in dismay, wanting to go help that poor soul and then you realize that’s you in the mirror. Oh honey. We’ve ALL been there before. Don’t despair though. It’s easy to pull off if you learn how to wear dark lipstick.

1. Try, try, try before you buy, buy, buy

You might think that dark red lipstick is really pretty, but when you try it on does it wash out your skin tone? In order to win at wearing dark lipstick, you need to find a shade that suits your skin tone. It can be done! But just liking the color isn’t good enough.

2. Match your undertone

If you want to know how to wear dark lipstick the right way, you’ve got to find the one that matches your undertone: Pink, brown, blue or red. Generally speaking, if you have light-colored eyes, the pink-based tones of dark colors, like a burgundy for example, will be a perfect choice. But if you have dark eyes, a brown undertone is best. Want something more versatile? Choose a blue undertone for light or dark eyes. And if you want to go with something deep red, it’s best you have darker hair.

What’s that you say? You’re still unsure about your undertone? That’s ok! The best way to learn how to wear dark lipstick is really to play with it at the store. Use those testers and see what looks best but DON’T test them on your own lips! Yuck! Bring a packet of white tissues with you and swipe the lipstick onto it. The white background is the perfect canvas for revealing the undertone so you’ll be able to see it and choose the right one for you.

How to Wear Dark Lipstick

3. Give it a real try

The experts say if you really want to know how to wear dark lipstick right, you’ve got to do more than swipe it on a tissue. That’s just the first step in choosing the right color for you. Next, you’ll want to put it on your lips. Again, we can’t emphasize enough DON’T just put that tester on your lips. You have no idea how many women have done that before you. Instead, use a cotton swab and sweep up some of the color from the unused side of the lipstick. Once you apply it, if it brightens up your face instead of making you look like you’ve slept only one night in the last year, then it’s the right choice.

4. Make sure you cover redness and blemishes

After buying the right dark lipstick, you need to get the rest of your makeup done right. If you have any blemishes or redness at all on your skin, this dark lipstick color will draw immediate attention to those imperfections. Make sure you do a good job concealing and covering up so you’ll look like the picture of perfection.

5. Line those lips

In order to pull off wearing a dark lipstick, you need to line your lips. You should try to match the shade for a darker color but if you don’t have it, you can get away with a natural color. It serves to help lock it in place without feathering to the skin around your mouth.

6. Use a lip brush for application

Want to know how to wear dark lipstick? Then you better have a lip brush. It helps you spread it more evenly so it doesn’t look messy and gets it on with precision. Start from the outer corners of your mouth to the center and then fill it in.

7. Know the rules of gloss with dark lipstick

Gloss is good for making other lip colors stand out, but when it comes to dark colors of lipstick, it can make it look sloppy and can cause more feathering, even if you’ve lined your lips. How to wear dark lipstick with gloss? There is one way you can pull it off without looking like a melting mess: just add a dab of it to the very center of your lips. This is a great trick if you have thinner lips.

Now that you know how to wear dark lipstick, go for it. Remember that it makes a bold statement and stand behind that confidence. For some women, sometimes that boldness in lip color is just what they need to feel in control and powerful. Try it!


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