How to Use a Lip Brush

For many women, the lip brush seems like a mystical tool. But if you learn how to use one, you’ll be the one exuding sensual mystique with your fabulous makeup finish. Perhaps you got a lip brush when you bought a collection of makeup brushes and it’s just sat in your makeup arsenal, waiting for you to call upon it. Now here’s your chance to learn how to use a lip brush.

The Lip Brush: Your New BFF in Makeup Application

Go right now to your makeup box and pull out your lip brush. We’ll wait right here. Got it? Ok good. Take a good look at it. Lip brushes tend to have long handles to give you more control and precision with your makeup application. The bristles are usually curved and tapered, making it effortless to apply lip products.

But wait…can’t you just put your lipstick and liners on directly? Well, of course you can, but if you take the time to learn how to master using a lip brush, you will never go back to that old haphazard way again.

So How Do You Use a Lip Brush?

There are several ways this makeup tool can benefit you in your makeup application. Let’s touch upon them, shall we?

Lip liner

When you apply your lip liner, if you use a lip brush, you can blend it out to soften the look without feathering. This sets the stage for a more flawless finish that doesn’t look overdone or overdrawn. Plus it stays in place too.

Lipstick or lip gloss

To apply lipstick or lip gloss, dip your lip brush into the product and, starting from the center of your lips, blend the product outward toward your lip line. In order to get that perfect finish, use the brush tip to help add definition to your lips at the bows and corners. As an added bonus, your lip brush won’t waste your products so you’ll make them last longer too.


There are many other ways to use a lip brush, like for the application of concealer for example. Just make sure your lip brush is free from trace elements of your lipsticks or glosses and use it to seamlessly brush away blemishes like redness, dark circles or age spots.


Liquid liner is always a hassle to apply but if you use a lip brush, you’ll know how to apply it like a pro. Again, making sure your lip brush is clean first is so important because trace germs from your mouth could affect your eyes. Eek! Once your lip brush is clean, dip it in your liquid and go to town.

Smudging or eye shadow application

If you learn how to use a lip brush properly, there’s no end to the makeup application techniques you can master. One of them is getting that perfect smudge down pat or even applying eye shadow effortlessly.

Truly, the lip brush is one of the most underutilized makeup brushes in any woman’s arsenal and it’s time you stop and learn how to use your lip brush to your advantage!


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