How to Straighten Your Hair Perfectly

Believe it or not, other women envy your full, gorgeous locks. Surprised? You shouldn’t be: they have never tried to straighten pounds upon pounds of hair before finally giving up and throwing it all into a pony tail. Mastering how to straighten your hair perfectly takes time; but once mastered, you’ll get amazing results.

Start In the Shower

Perfectly straight hair starts with top-notch cleansing and conditioning. Scrub your scalp with a frizz-fighting shampoo and follow this with a moisturizing conditioner.

Don’t Skimp on Product

As soon as you get out of the shower, coat your hair in a straightening balm. If you have thick hair, work in sections, adding a dime size amount at a time. To avoid a sticky, greasy feeling, steer clear of the roots, applying the product to the bottom two-thirds of your hair.

Straightening Thick Hair

Straighten Hair As You Dry

Give yourself a head start by pulling hair taut as you dry it. There’s no need for a full-on blowout (unless you feel up for it); instead, clip your top section up and run your brush through it, blow drying in a downward motion with a dryer outfitted with a nozzle. Once that section is dry, unclip more hair and repeat the process, working your way up until your strands are relatively smooth and completely water-free.

Remember: flat ironing damp hair will fry your strands. Starting your styling process with completely dry hair is essential.

Sectioning for Straightening

Clip your hair into three sections, the left and right in front of your ears and then the back. Large claw clips work well, but heavy-duty metal clips are also efficient.

Get on to Straightening

The key to straighten your hair perfectly is working in very, very small sections. Heat up your flat iron to 400-degrees or more; the higher the heat, the faster you’ll go. Take a small 1 to 2 inch section down from the clip at the back of your head, spritz it with a straightening heat protectant, comb through your hair to work the product in and remove any knots, and then straighten your hair slowly, moving from the roots down. Don’t let the flat iron sit for too long, but don’t make one quick pass and call it a day. Once that section is straight, unclip another small section and repeat the process. After you’re done with the back, move on to the left and then the right (or vice versa).

Now that you’ve done it and learned how to straighten your hair perfectly, spritz with some light-hold hairspray and enjoy your perfectly straight hair!


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