How to Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly

Most women don’t know how to shape eyebrows. It’s no felony of course, but once you know how to do it right, you can completely change your look.

Getting the shape of your eyebrows just right so that they frame your eyes and complement your face will keep you looking younger longer. Plus, when you feel confident about your eyebrows, you feel confident about life. So don’t wait any longer! Keep reading to find out how to shape your eyebrows perfectly!

Find your most fabulous brow

The first step to achieving eyebrow greatness is to find the perfect brow shape for your face. The way to find this out is to line up your tweezers or a brow pencil so that it falls with the center of your closest nostril. It’s helpful to mark it with your pencil so you’ll know which hairs you should tweeze away and which ones you should avoid plucking. You need to check your arch too. It should be at the back third of each eye and the tail of each eyebrow should end at the length of the eye.

Every brow is different but…

When it comes to eyebrows, no two are alike. Not even the two on your own face! Even if you hire an expert to do them, there will always be some differences between them. The key is to make them like sisters, not like identical twins. So keeping this in mind and remembering that we’re all different, we’re going to outline some eyebrow basics to help figure out how to shape eyebrows that will flatter your unique face.

Stop the over-plucking!

If you were wearing makeup in the 1990s, chances are you went a bit tweezer-happy. Hey, it happened to the best of us. It was the “IT” thing back then but now, not so much. If you have overdone it with the tweezers before, you’ll need to find a suitable shape for your brows and allow your hair to grow back in the right places. You can fill in your brows with makeup to even them out until they grow back.

Don’t ever shave them!

There is just one thing worse than going too crazy with the tweezer and that’s shaving. Do not ever shave your eyebrows! You’ll remove too many hairs at once and then it grows back as stubble. That’s so not sexy!

So what are perfect brows?

Want to know how to shape your eyebrows perfectly? While styles vary from face to face, the best shape for you is when the beginning of your eyebrow is aligned with the center of your nostril and your arch is in the right place, just over the back third of your eye. You can experiment with shapes of brows for your to see what you like best.

How to tweeze your eyebrows right

Now let’s talk about how to shape eyebrows with tweezing. You’ll just want to follow these simple steps.

1. Outline

Using a brow pencil, outline the shape you want your eyebrows to have. Feel free to experiment. Remember, you can always wash off brow pencil but once you remove the hair you’re committing to that shape.

2. Tweeze outside the lines

When you’ve found the shape you like, tweeze any hairs that are outside of the lines you’ve drawn. The best way is to use a magnifying mirror. Take your time so you can be sure not to overdo it. Don’t pluck above your brow line unless you have a few randomly stray hairs. If you pluck more than that, it will look unnatural.

3. Brush it out

Brush your brows in the directions that the hair grows. In this way, you’ll smooth it up and you’ll be able to see if you have any unusually long brow hairs.

4. Trim any long ends

If you have any longer hairs that go past your brow shape, use brow-trimming scissors to gently trim off the ends. You should refrain from tweezing long brow hairs because that will only lead to gaps and cause a patchy look.

Now that’s how you shape them! Here’s how to fill them!

Once you get your desired brow shape, you’ll need to fill them in to give them a unified and smooth precision look. There are many ways to do that. Here are your options.

Brow Powder

Brow powder helps you fill in your brows with a softer look. It tends to look more natural. You can also opt to use powder eye shadow that matches your brow’s natural color. The powder should be matte to look as close to natural as possible. Use a wedge brush for your best application, making short and light strokes to give it a hair-like texture.

Eyebrow Pencil

You’ll get the most precision out of these, however you’ll want to search for the right one. Otherwise you’ll wind up with a hard, fake-looking line on it. The eyebrow pencil you choose should give a smooth yet light texture with a soft and dry finish. It should look natural when you finish. Drawing with feather-like strokes will help achieve that effect.

Brow Gel

Brow gels cling to the hairs of your eyebrows and give them a fuller and more defined look. It’s a great option for those who have sparsely populated brows. A good brow gel makes all the difference.

And finally, some eyebrow color tips

It’s not just about finding the right type of eyebrow product to use for your needs. It’s also about matching up the color. Here is our best advice on how to do that.

– Match or go lighter
When you’re looking for brow fillers, you’ll want to pick a color that matches your brows or is just a hair (pardon the pun) lighter than your brow color. So for example, if your hair is black, you don’t want to get black brow fillers. You can use a dark brown shade instead that will give you definition without looking fake.

– There’s one exception to that rule
If you happen to have pale blonde eyebrows, then you need to go for a color that’s a little darker. But don’t go too dark! Only a shade or two darker should do it. Tinted brow gels work fantastically for this situation because they add definition without looking cartoonish.

– No flaming red eyebrows please
Redheads, whether you’re a natural one or not, in order to have beautiful brows, you should choose something that has an undertone of auburn. It’s really the most flattering shade for any redhead, real or otherwise.


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