How to Choose the Right Concealer for Absolute Flawlessness

So that hot guy has finally asked you out and the day of the big first date, your face has decided to sprout out a zit so big it rivals for elevation with Mount Everest. Or you’ve got a huge presentation at work in the morning and you don’t want to take those bags under your eyes with you. We get it. That’s why it’s important to choose the right concealer for you.

When you know how to choose the best concealer, no flaw big or small can stand in your way of looking your best. It should effortlessly hide any imperfections while blending with your skin tone so that it virtually erases them.

Can’t I Just Use Foundation?

There are times when foundation – even the best one – is not enough to cover up blemishes or dark circles. That’s because foundation is for uniting your skin tone while concealer is like a pigment that totally hides things you don’t want anyone to notice, like big pimples or dark shadows under your eyes.

Here’s How to Choose the Right Concealer

Of course, it’s not just as simple as walking into the makeup aisle and grabbing a concealer that kind of matches your skin. There’s a little more to it than that. But don’t worry. We’ll walk you through to whole process of choosing the right concealer so you can look your most flawless yet!

Types of Concealers

First, you should know you have three basic choices for types of concealer. So before you select the right shade, you should choose the type of concealer that you want to use. Not sure what that might be? Let’s break it down:

Liquid Concealers

These tend to spread very evenly on your skin, plus you can use them to cover a larger area. This is a great choice if you typically go sans foundation because you can use them with or without foundation. Liquid concealers are easy to apply and are great for newbies to the makeup realm. They offer medium coverage which is good for most imperfections.

Try: Dermablend Smooth Liquid Concealer


Powder Concealers

If you have a light scar or don’t tend to get loads of big blemishes, a powder concealer might be right up your alley. They blend very easily with your skin. The downside though is that they offer the lightest amount of coverage.

Try: Bare Minerals Multi Tasking Face Concealer

Highlighting Pens

These are typically the choice of makeup mavens and experts everywhere. They are creamier and can handle larger problem areas, especially those unsightly dark circles. They also contain light reflecting particles which will make your imperfections blur away.

Try: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Color Correcting Concealer Pen

How to Choose the Right Concealer Shade

Now that you’ve got a handle on what types of concealer are out there, it’s time to pick the shade that’s right for you. If you want to know how to choose the right concealer shade, you’re going to have to test it out. Most stores have testers available that you can use for exactly this purpose.

Here is what we recommend you do in order to choose the right concealer shade:

  • Test your concealer selections by making a stripe of it on your neck below your ear. This is the best place to match your skin tone.
  • Remember that the shade you choose should blend into your skin tone while being a tone lighter than the foundation color you use.
  • If dark circles are what’s plaguing you, make sure you don’t go too light with your concealer tone or else it will backfire, resulting in a panda-like appearance.
  • In fact, with dark circles, go for something that has more of a pinkish tone. It is best for canceling out blue and purple under eye baggage.
  • If your blemishes are red in nature, go for a concealer with a yellow tone.
  • And if you have darker skin, you can conceal flawlessly by selecting one that has orange tones to it.

When it comes to knowing how to choose the right concealer, don’t be shy about trying them out. There are great concealers in every budget range and most stores have open testers where you can try them out before you buy them to make sure you’ve got a natural match for your skin tone.


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