How to Apply Mascara for a Seductive, Mysterious Look

Some women seem to have effortlessly beautiful, full and doll-like eyelashes. For the rest of us, we struggle with trying not to poke our eyes out in order to mimic the look of lush lashes. There’s a lot more that goes into how to apply mascara perfectly though than simply sweeping it onto the lashes.

If it were that simple, we’d never have spider eyes, raccoon eyes, or any other mascara mishaps to contend with. Not to worry though. Even if you feel like you’re always in a world of mascara mayhem, we have the solution on how to apply mascara expertly every single time.

Choosing your mascara

First, let’s talk about mascaras. Do you stand in front of them at your favorite beauty store wondering which one to choose? You’ll need to first figure out what you want out of a mascara before choosing one. Do you want longer or fuller lashes? Or perhaps both? You’ll also want to choose color (black is the most common choice but if you have light hair, you’ll want to choose brown) and consider whether or not you cry, sweat or swim enough to see if waterproof is your best option.


Get ready for prime time

If smudged mascara has always plagued you, you should begin your mascara application by first using an eyelid primer. You’ll apply that underneath your makeup to help keep everything locked in place. Once you’re about ready to whip out the wand, dust translucent powder onto your lashes. It helps the mascara bond to your lashes and gives them a fuller, plumper look without looking like tarantulas.

Plump not pump

One of the most common mistakes women make when applying mascara is to pump the mascara wand in and out of the tube. That actually causes more air and bacteria to get into the tube with the product. Take care when getting product onto the mascara brush in order to get those plumped up lashes. Gently swipe the excess mascara from both ends of the bristles of your mascara brush on the inner portion of the end of the tube so you don’t clump either. So basically, don’t pump or it will clump, not plump!

Go for a spin

Who doesn’t want longer-looking lashes? To get the look, rotate your brush as you apply your mascara from root to tip. This will make any mascara you use add loads of length to your lashes.

Wiggle it just a little bit

And if you want to plump those lashes up to the max, you’ll need to wiggle as you rotate the brush too. This simple technique not only makes your lashes appear instantly thicker but also separates them so there’s no clumpy, giant uni-lash to content with.

Want more curl?

Long lashes are nothing without a sassy curl to them. You’ll need an eyelash curler. Heat it for 10 seconds with your hair dryer and then curl your upper lashes prior to dusting with powder for priming action, followed by one coat of your favorite mascara. Allow that coat to dry and then hit them with the eyelash curler again. No need to heat it the second time around. You don’t want the mascara melting off and causing it to smear all around your eyes.

Keep it clean

Some of us are just clumsier than others. And others of us are so excited for the first date or that big job interview that we totally blow it once we get to the mascara part of our makeup routine. Whichever category you fall into, you can avoid mishaps by using a business card or a spoon. Simply use it as a shield, hugging onto the eyelid as you apply your mascara to keep it from getting on your skin.

Keep disposable brushes handy

You’ll find a treasure trove of free disposable mascara wands at your favorite makeup counter. Snag some of them to use for all sorts of things from getting more precision with those tough-to-touch lower lashes. You can also use them on the go, or to help de-clump, separate and brush out lashes after you’ve applied mascara.

Like the brush but not the mascara?

Sometimes with mascara, it takes some trial and error to find one you love. In that search for the perfect mascara, you may find one that has a formula you feel just so-so about, but the mascara wand is amazing. Save that wand and clean it well. Wands like this can come in handy when you find a formula you like but aren’t crazy about the brush. Or when you want to comb through your lashes once you’ve finished applying your mascara.

Use the right mirror

This is especially important if your eyes are starting to fail you. A magnified makeup mirror makes it so much easier to see every lash detail so you can apply mascara with complete precision. You might be terrified of your pores, but hey, slap some primer on there and you’ll look good as new.

Step back and admire your work

After applying your mascara, you should take a step back and see how it looks from afar. Does one eye have lashes that look more coated? Ideally, you’ll remember to do this right after the first coat is applied. In this way you can achieve mascara perfection on the second coating.

Now that you know how to apply mascara like a pro, you can go forth to your vanity or the confines of your bathroom to practice that precision lash application. Following these tips will help you get the longer, thicker, more lush lashes you want without cumbersome falsies to worry about. So go ahead, lash out!


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