How to Apply Lip Liner Perfectly

Not all of us are blessed with plump and full lips. We have two options: we can either get painful lip injections or we can fake it with that fabulous optical illusion known as makeup. We’re going for the latter because we like life to be pain-free. If you want to get those full and luscious-looking lips, you’ll have to start using lip liner.

What’s the matter, doll? Don’t know how to use lip liner? Keep reading and we will tell you how to apply lip liner perfectly. You’ll look as fierce and flawless as ever, trust us!

Ready to Learn How to Apply Lip Liner Like a Total Pro?

Good! You’ll just need to grab your supplies. You’ll need lip liner (let’s start with something flesh-toned or light until you get better at this), lip balm, lip primer, lipstick and lip brush. Let’s get through this part and at the end, we’ll give you some pro tips for how to apply lip liner perfectly.

How to apply lip liner perfectly

Prep that Pucker

Before you do anything, you should make sure your lips are soft, smooth and free of chapping. If they aren’t, don’t worry. Use your toothbrush to gently exfoliate them. Then, put on a soothing lip balm to moisturize them. Nothing is a bigger kiss of death than dry, chapped lips. Wait a few minutes for the balm to penetrate your lips. While you want them moistened, you do not want them too slick or the lip liner won’t stick.

Get Ready for Prime Time

This isn’t completely necessary but makeup artists everywhere swear by it and they would know. If you have a lip primer, this is where you’d use it to smooth out your lips and add to their overall flawlessness. You’ll find them at a variety of price points from budget-friendly to pricey so visit your favorite makeup spot and choose one you like.

Get to the Point

With your lip liner, you need to be on point. Literally. If you sharpen it before each use, you’ll get the most precise line. Some makeup artists swear that the only way to apply lip liner perfectly is to put your lip liner in the freezer for 20 minutes prior to sharpening it. They say it keeps the tip from snapping off and gives you a sharper point and cleaner lines.

How to Apply Lip Liner Perfectly

Ah, now the real fun begins! You’ll want to part your lips naturally like you’re deep in thought or you’ve seen some total hunk and aren’t sure whether to say hi or wave or something. Then, just relax as you trace your upper lips on the outer portion of the natural lip line. You’ll want to emphasize that cupid’s bow though, which is that M-shaped portion in the center of your upper lip. Some women find that making an ‘X’ in that portion of the lip helps to accentuate it. Other women find that making an ‘M’ there works best. We suggest you try out each to see which one you prefer.

But Wait…What About the Bottom Lip?

For your bottom lip, you want your line to be tighter. Smile naturally and again, follow the lip line just on the outside.

Girl applying lip liner perfectly

Fill ‘er Up

Next, you’ll want to take your lip liner and fill in your lips using short strokes. Um, but aren’t we using lipstick for our lip color? Good question, but if you want to know how to apply lip liner perfectly, you’ve got to take this tip that’s straight from the pros and they’d never steer you wrong. This achieves a couple of things. For one, it sets a base for the color. For another, it lends a more three dimensional look to your lips and gives you more impact. Isn’t that what we want? Yes!

Final Pro Tips on How to Apply Lip Liner Perfectly

What happens next is that you’ll add a gloss followed by your lipstick. Use your lip brush to achieve perfection, but if you don’t have one then simply fill in your lips. See? It’s so easy to apply lip liner! But we still have some tricks for you!

– Use a concealer around the lips
This is especially good to do if you’re using a dark color. The concealer helps lock the color onto the lips and keeps it from feathering out.

– Use a darker color when using dark shades of lipstick
To make that darker color lipstick look its best, line your lips with a darker shade.

– And the secret to bigger, plumper lips with lip liner is…
Use a lip liner that is just a little darker than your lipstick shade. Make lips look extra plump after applying your lipstick by dabbing just a touch of gloss in the center, pucker, and voila! Plumped-up lip perfection naturally!


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