How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

When you line your eyes, do you wind up looking uneven? Or smoky when you were trying to achieve an office-acceptable style but now your eyes are suggesting otherwise? If that sounds like you, you’ve got to step up your eye-lining game to get the perfect line every time.

Of course, there are so many ways to line your eyes. It really depends on the look you’re going for. But don’t worry. We’ll get to all that. First, you’ve got to get your eye-lining supplies ready to go and then you can follow these steps to keep your eyes on the prize. Which are perfectly-lined eyes every time!

Choose your eyeliner

You’ve probably already discovered that there are quite a few options out there for eyeliner. In addition to a robust array of colors, you’re going to find a variety of styles of eyeliner. If you’re an eyeliner novice, you’ll probably feel most comfortable working with pencil eyeliner. You’ll want to always have a sharpener with it so you can keep a good point on it. Some are even sold with a sharpener included.
Then there’s liquid liner which is great for precision. Sometimes you’ll find it in a tube like mascara that you dip a wand into and others are more like felt-tip markers with a fine point. Gel eyeliner is probably the most intimidating for newbies, but it’s excellent for getting that cat’s eye look down pat. Your best bet is to try out the following tips for lining your eyes using a pencil eyeliner and then as you feel more comfortable, try branching out to use other eyeliners.

Prepare your peepers

If you’ve just gone ahead and lined your eyes without preparing them, that’s part of the problem. You’re not alone though. So many women skip this essential step, but we beg you on behalf of eyes all over the world to cut it out! You absolutely must begin the process with a clean slate. Having a fresh face is important for perfect eyeliner application. So cleanse thoroughly and make sure not a trace of your makeup from yesterday (or yesteryear for that matter) remains. Then, moisturize all over and make sure to use a quality professional-grade eye cream around your eyes. Why is this so important? It hydrates the area, firms it up and smoothes away lines and wrinkles so your eyeliner will not make those unpleasant things stand out.

Time for prime

Immediately after that, you’ll want to use eye primer all over your eyes. Put it on the lids, under your eyes, and in those pesky outer corners. What it does is smooth out your skin to make makeup application a total breeze. It’s like an iron for your face! How we ever survived without this stuff is a complete mystery but if you want a flawless finish and to keep your makeup from moving down your face, you’ll want to be sure to apply it. Once that’s on, seal the deal with your favorite concealer which should be put everywhere you put your eyelid primer. Be sure to blend it well and then set it in place with your favorite setting powder.

Walk the line

Here’s the fun part. The lining! Use a good mirror so you can see up close. You want to be able to see your upper lash line without problem. Take it slow and make small strokes, building a thin line as you go. Remember, you can always add more to the line if you want it thicker or if you make it uneven. Small, slow and steady strokes are the sure way to win this race. Well, if it were a race that is. But you can do this. Do one eye at a time and then focus on keeping the other eye in the same way. Once you get them even, feel free to add a little wing on each eye to get that catty look going. You can use a business card or a spoon to help you get it just right without getting it all over the place too.

Many women opt to line the upper lid only to make the eyes look more expressive or nail that cat’s eye. But some want to line the lower lash line too. If you want to achieve this without turning yourself into a panda, read on to find our top lower lash line eye-lining advice!

Don’t make these lower lash eye-lining mistakes!

– Lining lower lashes with liquid
Gah! No, girl. Just no! Liquid eyeliner on the lower lash line looks too wet. And it looks too bold. And not in that sexy sassy way you want. If you want to line your lower lashes while sporting liquid eyeliner on top, then use a waterproof pencil eyeliner in the same shade. This way, it stays put.

– Not locking in the liner
No matter which type of eyeliner you use, if you line your lower lashes, it’s going to travel out of place after some time. UNLESS you use a waterproof version. But that’s not all. If using black eyeliner, lock the waterproof eyeliner in place by applying black shadow on top of it. Then seal the deal with translucent powder underneath your eye area, which should keep everything where it’s supposed to be.

– You get carried away with the smudge
That smoky eye is certainly seductive and sensual, however if you smudge too low, you’ll look like you fell asleep at his place and did the walk of shame home before the night has even begun. Get it right by lining as close as you can to your lash line. Use a smudger brush because it has a special head to blend the line without moving the product too low. Diffusing it properly is the key to making it look sultry, not scary.

– You line the whole lower lash line
Eek! Unless you want to land a part in a new horror movie, it’s best that you only line the outer half of your lower lash line. Going all the way to the inner corner is going to give you that overdone look plus, it actually makes your eyes look smaller.

Ready to light up the night? Now you can with these pro eye-lining tips that are sure to make you an expert eyeliner! Go for it!


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