How to Apply Cream Foundation Flawlessly

If you wear makeup, chances are that your foundation is something you won’t leave the house without.

You might think you look good after you apply it, but we’re betting you don’t know how to apply cream foundation as perfectly as you think you’re applying it. Not to worry! That’s why we’re here – to help you achieve utter flawlessness!

While there are certainly many choices for types of foundation from liquid to powder to cream to mousse, we think cream is the best one. Cream foundations give the best coverage and are the least messy. If you are considering switching from a different style of foundation to cream foundation or you simply want to know how to apply cream foundation flawlessly, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s Start with What You Need to Apply Cream Foundation

Before we begin, gather up your supplies. We’ll assume that you’ve already selected the ideal cream foundation for your skin tone and are ready to go. You’ll also want to choose either a makeup sponge or a foundation brush. And you should be ready with good moisturizer and primer too because those will actually go first.

How to apply cream foundation

If you’re ready to learn how to apply cream foundation for sheer perfection and absolute coverage, let’s do this!

Pro Cream Foundation Application Tip #1: Cleanse, tone and moisturize

Applying foundation to your skin without first cleansing and moisturizing is a big no-no. You need to have your skin cleaned and primed so that your foundation will look perfect. So make sure you cleanse thoroughly with a sulfate-free cleanser, tone with an alcohol-free toner, and use a proper moisturizer so your canvas (your face, that is) is as flawless as possible going in. Once you smooth on your moisturizer, allow it to absorb for about 5 minutes before continuing.

Pro Cream Foundation Application Tip #2: Use face primer

If you’ve never used face primer you need to start right now. It is like ironing your face and blurring away large pores, lines and flaws. It also serves to keep your makeup in place longer. Apply it with your fingers, or if you’d prefer you can use a makeup brush instead.

Pro Cream Foundation Application Tip #3: Apply your cream foundation

When it comes to applying cream foundation, you have 2 choices: makeup sponge or makeup brush. Let’s discuss the sponge first. If you want to know how to apply cream foundation using a sponge, all you do is add your product to the sponge and start applying it from the center of your face, blending outward as you go. But don’t just smear and smudge it all around! You should dab and pat it on while making sure you blend it so it’s not cakey looking.

While there’s nothing wrong with this method of application, most makeup experts prefer using a makeup brush. If you want to know how to apply cream foundation with a makeup brush, simply start in the center of your face and blend toward your cheekbones. Then take it up to the forehead. You can use a stippling motion or go for a circular one to blend it in flawlessly.


Pro Cream Foundation Application Tip #4: Seal the deal with loose powder

Whichever way you choose to apply your cream foundation, you should always finish it off with a loose powder. Choose a translucent one so you don’t give off a mismatched shade vibe.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to knowing how to apply cream foundation for your most flawless face ever. It may take a few tries to find the cream foundation that suits you best in texture and coverage, but once you do you’ll now know how to apply cream foundation the right way.

Applying your cream foundation the right way is important for getting the rest of your makeup look down pat. When your foundation is on just right, it serves as the ideal canvas for blushes and bronzers and makes your skin tone look flawlessly harmonious. So be sure to master this technique for how to apply cream foundation and you’ll always look ravishing and radiant for work or play!


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