Sweeten Up Your Shower Routine with a Coconut Milk Body Wash

Have you ever tasted coconut milk? It’s delicious to drink and cook with, plus it has so many wonderful benefits for your body. What’s more, when used topically in your beauty routine, it will leave you with the most amazing skin. That’s why you need to skip those overpriced shower gels and body washes and make your own homemade body wash with coconut milk.

What’s So Great About Coconut Milk?

Um, everything! But seriously, coconut milk has so many benefits for you that once you use this body wash, you’ll wish you’d made it sooner. You’ll get softer skin that is thoroughly cleansed from dirt and grime deep down in your pores without stripping. Plus, if you have easily irritated or inflamed skin, it will calm it right down. Damaged and dry skin get the royal treatment too with this incredibly hydrating ingredient that penetrates to the deepest layer to restore and replenish moisture.

How to Make Your Own Homemade Body Wash with Coconut Milk

This is an easy way to make your shower time sweeter and your skin silkier. However, to make your own homemade body wash with coconut milk, you should make sure to get a flip-top bottle to store it in. If you don’t have a funnel, you’ll want to get one to make pouring the mixture into your flip-top bottle easier. You’ll also want a good bath sponge for applying it to your skin. Coconut milk is perishable so don’t hang on to it longer than a month unless you freeze it.

You’ll be mixing it with other ingredients like liquid castile soap that will help make a foamy lather. It’s gentle for tender skin, even for babies! You’ll also use jojoba oil, revered for its bounty of vitamin E healing properties; vegetable glycerin for consistency in lathering up; raw organic honey to naturally preserve your homemade body wash while deeply nourishing your skin; and essential oils like lavender and tea tree.

What you need

1/2 cup of full fat unsweetened coconut milk
2/3 cup unscented liquid castile soap
3 tsp jojoba oil
2 tsp vegetable glycerin
1 tsp pure raw organic honey
10 drops of lavender essential oil

How to make it

1. Take the coconut milk and add it to your flip-top bottle. A funnel works best for this step to prevent spills.
2. Add in the liquid castile soap.
3. Follow that up by adding the raw organic honey, jojoba oil, and vegetable glycerin.
4. If you want a thicker consistency to your body wash, you should add xanthan gum (just 1 tsp will do) but it is not necessary to do so. Your formula will still be lovely and effective without it. It’s all a matter of preference.
5. Add in the lavender essential oil.
6. Close up the bottle and shake it vigorously to combine the ingredients.

Tips on Using Your Homemade Body Wash with Coconut Milk

When you want to use your new coconut milk body wash, simply pour some onto your bath sponge and lather away. Rinse as you normally would and revel in your fresh and newly-softened skin.

As we mentioned, coconut milk is perishable. Adding the raw organic honey to it will keep it from spoiling over a few weeks, but your best bet is to store it in the refrigerator between uses. After 3 or 4 weeks, toss out any remainder and make a new batch. You can avoid waste by freezing it for later use.

A great trick for freezing your homemade body wash with coconut milk is to add it to ice trays before freezing. When you need more, take out 2 or 3 cubes and thaw out before using so you’ll have no wasted portions. You can also package it with pretty ribbons and give it as a gift to friends and family who need an indulgent shower experience!


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