Do You Make This Body Care Mistakes?

No matter how much attention we pay to our body and skin care, sometimes we make mistakes. Often times we are in a hurry, or lazy or just forget to use a moisturizing body lotion after a shower or to apply the anti-cellulite cream as religiously as we should, and then we complain that the products don’t deliver the expected results. If we don’t give it a proper care the skin on our body can start losing its softness and firmness or become coarse. If you want to obtain or keep your gorgeous body and skin you should try to avoid these common mistakes.

1. Taking baths in extremely hot water

Warm water relaxes the muscles, reduces fatigue and helps us sleep better. Nonetheless the water temperature should never be higher than 38 ºC (100.4 ºF). The heat dries the skin, widens the capillaries, slows down the blood flow and thus further increases the cellulite problem and loss of skin suppleness.

» If you truly can’t bear to give up the gratification of a hot bath, you can’t stay longer than ten minutes, after which you should stand under a very cold stream of water, to stimulate the blood flow.

2. Daily exfoliation

Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and give the skin its natural glow and suppleness back. Nonetheless you shouldn’t use exfoliating products everyday: the frequent micro-granules massaging will rob the skin of its natural protective film.

»Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and give the skin its natural glow and suppleness back. Nonetheless you shouldn’t use exfoliating products everyday: the frequent micro-granules massaging will rob the skin of its natural protective film.

3. Hastily towel drying after a shower

Since we are always in a hurry, we don’t often have enough time to properly dry our skin with a towel. But the remaining water damages the protective hydro-lipid film by evaporating, which makes it easier for the skin to get dry.

» Dry your skin using a soft towel and pass over each section several times, especially at the joints. Rub firmly, but gently and make sure that your skin is completely dry before you put your towel off.

4. Incompletely rinsing the body scrub

It is sometimes believed that skin irritation is a consequence of exfoliation, but frequently the real cause is not properly rinsing the product from the body. Body scrub shouldn’t be in contact with the skin for a longer period of time. If some of it remains on the skin after inadequate rinsing, it could cause irritation.

» Always make sure that you wash off the scrub with a stream of warm water, and if necessary wipe it off with a soft sponge.

5. Applying body scrub with exfoliating gloves

A glove made out of natural fibers enables the removal of dead cells gathered on the surface of the skin. Therefore, it has the same purpose as the exfoliating products. Applying body scrub with micro granules, with the aid of an exfoliating glove can double the abrasive qualities. This could be too much for your skin to take, especially if you have sensitive skin.

» You should use the exfoliating glove or material made out of natural fibers, dry or dampened with a few drops of body oil. And to apply the body scrub, use a soft terry glove or a soft sponge.

6. No moisturizer after a shower

Because of the recent contact with water, moisture gathered in the skin evaporates faster. Water also decreases the quantity of lipids in the skin, especially during a long bath.

»Applying a moisturizing body lotion right after the bath or shower stops the evaporation and thus helps the skin keep its softness. A moisturizer can also minimize the loss of lipids in the skin, because it supplies the skin with oily and nourishing substances which reinstate its softness and keep it even and supple.

7. Neglecting the chest area

The sensitive skin in the chest area loses its suppleness and elasticity, which has negative consequences for the breasts – this is why they drop lower and lower.

» Pay special attention to moisturizing and protection: if you wear low cut tops, apply UV protection cream on the chest area (the same you use for your face). Sun rays cause premature ageing of the skin, a loss of suppleness and smoothness of texture. If there has already been a loss of firmness, the skin on the chest should be nurtured for at least two months with a product that will restore its firmness.

8. Irregular use of anti-cellulite cream

Anti-cellulite products, skin-firming creams, gels or weight-loosing ampoules provide satisfying results only if applied regularly. Occasional application of the anti-cellulite product doesn’t do the trick and represents an unnecessary expense.

» When you decide to start a treatment, if you want quick results, apply the product twice a day (in the morning and at night) with circular massage movements, during the course of a month or once a day for two months.
The treatment should continue during the course of a year, with two or three cycles, depending on how serious the problem is. If the problematic areas demand constant care, you can apply the anti-cellulite or skin-firming cream daily instead of your usual moisturizer.


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