DIY Chamomile and Green Tea Toner

Do you really know what’s in your skincare products? If you make them yourself, then you can feel good about what you put on your skin and look more beautiful than ever, naturally! This DIY Chamomile and Green Tea Toner is just what your skin needs for that firmer and tighter appearance without all those icky chemicals.

Why Chamomile?

Since ancient times, chamomile has been used to calm and soothe irritated skin. If you are a fan of drinking chamomile tea, you know how those anti-inflammatory properties can soothe your body inside and out. Applying it to your skin results in irritation-free skin that never looks red and blotchy.

Chamomile and Green Tea Toner

Why Green Tea?

When you drink green tea, it’s great for helping keep you trim and slim. Just look at all the women in Asia! They drink this tea after every meal. Green tea is full of special antioxidants that help fight off aging too. When you apply it to your skin, it can tighten it and shrink up large pores. It’s even been shown to stop UV damage from occurring. It’s truly a miracle ingredient.

Now, imagine combining these two amazing ingredients together for a chamomile and green tea toner! Are you excited yet? You should be. Your skin is about to become more fabulous than ever. So pour yourself a cup of green tea and find out how to make this DIY chamomile and green tea toner!

Making Chamomile and Green Tea Toner

This toner is super-simple to make though you should make sure to buy an empty spray bottle. You’ll also find a small funnel to be helpful so you don’t spill the ingredients everywhere.

Here’s what you need:

1 bag of chamomile tea
1 bag of green tea
1 cup of water
1/2 teaspoon of witch hazel
2 drops of lavender essential oil

How to make it:

1. Pour the water into a pot and boil it.
2. When the water boils, add both tea bags.
3. Remove the pot from heat and allow the tea bags to steep for 15 minutes.
4. Allow it to completely cool.
5. Add the witch hazel and the lavender to your spray bottle and swirl them around to mix them together.
6. Then add the cooled tea mixture to the spray bottle.
7. Shake well and enjoy!

Tips for Your Chamomile and Green Tea Toner

It couldn’t be easier to make. In fact, it takes less time and money to make than it would to drive to the store and buy it. To fully reap the benefits of your chamomile and green tea toner, we recommend you follow these tips.

– Store it properly
You need to keep this in your refrigerator. It will last for a maximum of 2 weeks, at which time you’ll need to make more. Even still, doing so is more cost effective and better for your skin than other store-bought toners. Don’t forget to shake it before you spray it!

– How to use it
After washing your face, pat it dry. Then spray the chamomile and green tea toner on at least 6 inches from your face. And keep your eyes closed!

– Stay hydrated
Don’t forget to add your favorite moisturizer to your skin after the toner dries. Use it every day for your most beautiful skin of all!


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